Leptitox: Is It A Scam?

Some are already trying to claim that the brand new weight loss supplement Leptitox is a scam, but my research into the product indicates that it isn’t. The producer of this product, Morgan Hurst, has a photo of his wife, Grace, who used this product to lose about 62 pounds in just 60 days. See below.


Her change in appearance is pretty dramatic, to the point that you wouldn’t hardly know that this was the same woman. This also took away her anxiety and depression, and gave her energy again. According to Morgan Hurst losing weight has nothing to do with exercise but compounds (chemicals) in our bloodstreams that forces us to gain fat, and is more abundant after age 40. These chemicals, that all of us are exposed to, cause something called “leptin resistance” that doesn’t allow our natural leptin, that normally causes us to stop being hungry after eating, to shut down. 


The producer of Leptitox (not a scam) discovered the major ingredient in a tiny island in Malaysia while (as a firefighter) he was training firefighters there. Some of the firefighters he met who were very slim told him about a mixture of 11 herbs that the people on their island all use every day that has made obesity unknown there. Can you still eat your favorite foods while on this diet? Yes, it’s actually recommended that you continue eating your favorite foods. You just take a capsule or two with a big glass of water 20 – 30 minutes before your lunch. No exercise is necessary.

There are toxins (chemicals) in all of our bodies that needs to be cleansed out in order to lose the weight we need and want. In fact over 166,304 people have already used Leptitox (not a scam) to lose weight, and Morgan Hurst has used it himself to lose 28 pounds. Below is a video that shows scientific proof from a study by Columbia University about the relationship of exposure to the chemical BPA causing childhood obesity.

There is also research from Stirling University in Scotland showing a direct relationship between the growing manufacture of chemicals starting in the 1950s and the obesity epidemic which started in the United States and then expanded to the whole world. Morgan Hurst and a friend tested the capsules that they developed with 45 volunteers who were all very overweight, over 40 years old, and have tried various diets with none of them seeming to work.

ALL of the test participants lost at least 40 pounds, with MOST of them losing over 60 pounds. The capsules are now manufactured in an FDA inspected factory near Denver, Colorado in the USA. There is FREE shipping to the United States and most countries around the world.


“This guy is probably just trying to sell this Leptitox knowing it’s a scam just to make a commission” maybe you’re thinking. Please check out my “About Me” page to prove that I do have a longtime interest and know quite a lot about herbalism myself.

The producer of the product, Morgan Hurst, promises his product will work for you too, or you can get every cent of your purchase price back within 58 days. That’s taking a big chance if his product didn’t work, so you know it works. Why not order some right now? Order Here! 


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